Hi I’m Caitlin,

the wanna-be environmentalist behind this blog. I’m a slow food and sustainable fashion advocate, and freelance writer.

Professionally, I am a Registered Dietitian. I specialize in Diabetes care and management. I counsel patients on managing disease and I encourage healthful, personalized patterns of eating.

Registered Dietitian

Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition

Bachelor’s of Science in Food Science and Dietetics

5 years of Food and Nutrition professional experience

I hope to cover a variety of topics on this blog that convalesce to encourage a realistic and manageable healthful lifestyle.

Press & Features

Within my role as a Registered Dietitian and newbie ethical consumption advocate, I share my thoughts and expertise through freelance writing and consultation. Check out some of the articles I’ve been featured in below!

Get to know me

I’m an armchair naturalist.

With botanist parents and one brother who studied geology it’s hard not to pick up on their sharing of facts and observations over the years. If you’ve gone on a hike with me, you already know this.

To be honest, I never really cared about fashion until recently.

My perspective changed when prominent voices in the slow fashion movement inspired me to seek out a personal style through thrifted and vintage styles. Before this year, I saw fashion for its fast trends and for what seemed to be continuous disappointments both in how I looked in clothes and the quality of garments. In short, I didn’t really think much about fashion and when I did think about it, it wasn’t to improve my habits nor the industry.

I’m still learning about slow living.

I have a lot to learn about slowing down the unethical consumption in my life. This platform is just the beginning for me!